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LATRA DG CPA Habibu Suluo Closing Speech for the Training Workshop on Railway Decarbonisation in Africa on December 2nd, 2022
Imewekwa: 02 Dec, 2022

Being a believer of effective regulatory framework, I hope this is an opportunity to attract many investors to access the railway infrastructure and improve access of quality of services at competitive rates but also keeping the safety of consumers and conserve environment in Africa.  

I also aware that the training showcased a wide variety of shared examples from Africa including Kenya,  Uganda, Nigeria, Liberia and Tanzania that aimed to demonstrate capability and cost effective zero emission novel traction solutions for future railways in Sub-Saharan Africa. As said, it potentially provides room for alternative traction systems that can provide the necessary capabilities and opportunity in terms of volumetric and other befitting technologies towards railway decarbonization in Africa and beyond.

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