Tanzania emblem
Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania

Mamlaka ya Udhibiti Usafiri Ardhini


Kitengo cha Huduma za Sheria

The Unit perform following activities: -

  • Coordinate litigation with the office of the Solicitor General;
  • Coordinate Board meetings with advice of the Board Secretary;
  • Provide legal opinion to the Authority;
  • Develop and review Regulations of the sub-sectors;
  • Carry out amendments processes to Authority’s laws;
  • Facilitate Internal Review procedures;  
  • Monitor compliance and enforce Laws of the sub-sectors;
  • Represent the Authority in Courts and Tribunals proceedings; 
  • Conduct legal awareness to stakeholders of the Authority; and
  • Keep custody of the Authority’s Seal

Mrejesho, Malalamiko au Wazo