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Operate a Ride Hailing System
Imewekwa: 19 Nov, 2022

Ride hailing services are part of private hire services that are system based. The passenger books for the ride through a ride hailing system by selecting destination and source and gets picked up from the source. To operate a ride hailing system, an applicant should fulfill the following requirements;

Stage 1. Operational Requirements

The applicant should have a functioning app which will be tested by LATRA officers on the following criteria.

  1. Presence of Customer registration procedure, for instance; filling of customer details, OTP verification to enhance security.
  2. Presence of vehicle registration details
  3. Presence of driver’s details such as name and photo.
  4. Ability to request a ride, and set accurate locations for both starting point and destination
  5. Presence of real time estimate, it involves the time estimate for a driver to reach a pick up point after accepting a trip request.
  6. Vehicle movement involves ability of the app to show vehicle movement to the pick-up point and destination point, also ability to show route to the destination point.
  7. Presence of trip cancellation; the app should not charge a customer when a trip has not started, nor the driver has arrived the pick-up point
  8. The app should have contact or emergence contact
  9. Ending of trip, the app should charge a customer based on the location of the trip ended
  10. There should be a receipt, after ending of a trip there should be a receipt, it should include starting point, ending point, fares and time.
  11. Ability to notify a customer when the driver arrives, trip starts, and trips ends
  12. Ability to notify a customer when the driver arrives, trip starts, and trips ends.

Stage 2. Technical Requirements

The Ride Operator should make an API that will be integrated to LATRA systems based on the following dataset requirements: -

  1. Trip ID
  2. Origin Coordinates (Longitude and latitude separated by comma)
  3. End Coordinates (separated by comma)
  4. Start Time (local time without "T" and decimal after seconds)
  5. End Time (local time without "T" and decimal after seconds)
  6. Total Fare Amount
  7. Trip Distance (integer - only in meters)
  8. Rating
  9. Driver's Earning
  10. Driver License Number
  11. Vehicle Registration Number 

Stage 3. Requirement to Apply Online

Attachments required to be summited online through https://rrims.latra.go.tz/login. The attachments are;

  1. Certificate of incorporation, and certificate of registration of the business name in case the name is different from the company registered.
  2. Business plan.
  3. Strategic plan.
  4. Emergency plan.
  5. Recently audited financial statements, or *for new companies* a prove of financial transitions showing establishment of the company.
  6. Memorandum of understanding in case of partnership.
  7. Tin certificate.
  8. Tax clearance/ vat certificate.
  9. A proof of levy.

NOTE:These stages are to be followed in sequence for a new applicant, while for applicants that are renewing the license, they are to submit the required documents. (Stage 3 only)

For further Guidance Call: 0758 807 731 or TOLL Free : 0800110019, 0800110020.

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