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LATRA DG CPA Habibu Suluo Closing Speech for the Training Workshop on Railway Decarbonisation in Africa on December 2nd, 2022
02 Dec, 2022 Pakua

Dear Prof. Clive Roberts, Director of the Birmingham Centre for railway and education, Head of School of Engineering, University of Birmingham.


  1. Dear, UK AID, Sponsor and funder of the training
  2. Dear Distinguished Participants
  3. Dear organizing team from GLC
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen


It gives me pleasure to first address this closing session.


I wish to start by thanking Almighty God for keeping us alive and for giving us health, strength and opportunity to meet, learn, share experiences and discuss issues of our common interests for the benefits of our Nations.

Allow me to convey my special thanks and sincere appreciation to the sponsors of this programme on Railway Decarbonisation in Africa for organizing fifteen (15) different countries to come in Tanzania.


Allow me also to appreciate the government of each delegate for permitting you to attend this important training and meet your fellow Tanzanians, in this business city of Dar es Salaam.  


Without going it further, I would like to thank once again, the resource persons, from University of Birmingham and representatives of the Government of UK through UK AID for funding this project, as it has come at the right time.  We say thank you and convey our gratitude to the Government of UK.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I thank all participants who have attended the training, raised pertinent questions and shared experiences on enhancing railway de-carbonization in Africa and learn technology choices on railway infrastructure system and tractions to conserve the environment and reduce carbon emission in our railways.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I also congratulate all of you for dedication and active engagement in the learning experience during sessions and visit tour to SGR. Indeed, I have been informed that the site visit was tough, rough and you have travelled all the way for more than 15 hours on the road, looking at various stations from Dar es Salaam HQ Station to Kilosa tunnel station. I must say, it was hectic safari but also good adventure; I give you all five stars and congratulations for being the witness of the efforts of H.E. Samia Suluhu Hassan, the President of the United Republic Tanzania towards connecting transport through SGR.  The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania through Tanzania Railway Corporation (TRC) is real committed to make this project completed within time.   


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I also understand that you’re learning journey covered a wide range of themes and topics from investment on railway transport as one of the strategies to reduce external costs of transport compared to road modes but also you covered challenges of railway transport in Africa being carried by combustion engines to the potential of electrification of lines. You covered also SDG and railway solutions, railway electrification, managing complexity in railway systems, digitalizing railways and automation as well as railways and the future of transport. I am very confident that those topics gave you opportunity to widen your thinking on future railway industry.   


Ladies and Gentlemen

Being a believer of effective regulatory framework, I hope this is an opportunity to attract many investors to access the railway infrastructure and improve access of quality of services at competitive rates but also keeping the safety of consumers and conserve environment in Africa.  


I also aware that the training showcased a wide variety of shared examples from Africa including Kenya,  Uganda, Nigeria, Liberia and Tanzania that aimed to demonstrate capability and cost effective zero emission novel traction solutions for future railways in Sub-Saharan Africa. As said, it potentially provides room for alternative traction systems that can provide the necessary capabilities and opportunity in terms of volumetric and other befitting technologies towards railway decarbonization in Africa and beyond.

Ladies and Gentlemen

I also  conscious that there was some questions and discussions about technology choices and the funding mechanisms of the railway systems and infrastructure,  operations model, and role of the  government to catalyze the decarbonization in Africa, and what to do with project failures or innovate and tap opportunity for public private partnership. As an expert in railway industry,  I hope, you are responsible to encourage Africa governments particularly this group of 15 countries  to work together to maximize the value of innovations and technology in all railway project such as decarbonization.


I am also informed about the numerous technology choices to support railway decarbonization, however, I am confident that this platform of 15 countries and 40 delegates African representative will continue to push, advice their government and influence policy makers and other railway stakeholders to invest in railway technologies that reduces  emission of carbon and makes environment free form contamination.


I am informed that the learning experience in this sessions stressed  the  vital role of capacity building for entire crew of railway experts  from junior staff to senior management, but also encourage railway technology choice.


Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen

Let me finish by saying, that you all have worked smart, but in fact, the real journey to improve our railway transport connectivity, carbonization and reduce cost of doing business within Africa, has just started now. 


Thus, I encourage everyone of you to go to her country, evaluate this training, share with your colleague for this group and in your country, I hope this will help to develop common platform for 15 countries, come up with common workable solutions that will also shape policies and legislation that encourage expansion of and access of railway transport services in Africa.


Ladies and Gentlemen

My great appreciation goes to all of you once again to visit Tanzania, and I welcome you all to visit us and share with you how regulatory (Land transport Regulatory authorities (LATRA) operates. we hope it will be stepping stone to continue cementing our cooperation. 


However, remember also Tanzania has a lot of tourist attractions, including Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro (the tallest mountain in Africa and the 2nd in the World) and Spice Island of Zanzibar with attractive beaches. Please spare some time to visit these palces before you leave Tanzania.


Finally, I wish you a good safari, I officially close training.





Mrejesho, Malalamiko au Wazo